The Ultimate Zero-waste Alternative

With the “sustainable” and “zero-waste” trend on the rise, these terms have become buzzwords for businesses to get you sucked back into consumerism. New and cool “alternatives” are also being introduced. Ethical online shops are popping up one after the other luring you to buy their products made by “fairly paid workers” from “ethically sourced materials.”

Before you put that item on your cart, do your research and check-in with yourself. Here are some guide questions I personally use:

For brands: Do they genuinely aim to reduce waste? Where do they source their raw materials and products? Do they work with local communities? If not, do they treat their employees ethically? Are they compensated fairly?

For yourself: What do I value? And most importantly DO I NEED THIS?

If the brand practices at least one of the things you value, then good. Supporting them wouldn’t make you feel guilty. It’s what you believe in.

Unless… you don’t really need it. Because if you don’t, it’s an unnecessary purchase that will eventually wind up in the landfill. The solution? Don’t buy it. You get to save money and save the planet.

So what do you do? What’s the ultimate zero-waste alternative? Use what you already have and make it last.

If it’s out of style, then let it be “out of style.” Drowning in your waste is never stylish to begin with!

If it’s broken have it repaired at The Good Trade on October 13-14 at Central Square! We have alteration and shoe repair stations  that charge fair prices. What’s more? 100% of the revenues go to our partner sewers and cobblers.

The Good Trade is more than just buying and selling. The event is hinged on the pure intention to empower consumers to live a life that’s good and does good! We made it our mission to gather brands and NGOs with the same philosophy so that YOU can make ethical and zero waste decisions without fuss. Aside from the repair station we mentioned, we also have recyclables and donation drop offs! For the complete list of items you can bring, check out our website



Jana Bunagan
Founder of The Good Trade